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Remember that live animals are not suitable, or ethical, Christmas presents!
There are still huge amounts of puppies being imported, often illegally, by unscrupulous breeders who just want to make money quickly.

Don’t use selling sites online to look for a pet; always contact a reputable breeder or rescue centre.
Look further than the fashion or the fad. Look for, and research, health and temperament and consider carefully your ability to care for a pet for the duration of its life.
Be prepared to wait for the right puppy/kitten.

Finding the right puppy to become part of your family is an important decision, and for lots of us, the search starts online. But many puppies advertised online are being sold by illegal puppy dealers – and without knowing the warning signs, you could end up being tricked into buying from a puppy farm. The result can be devastating for both you and your puppy: 1 in 4 puppies bought online die before their fifth birthday and 1 in 3 get sick or die within the first year.

Unfortunately, you’re more likely to buy an illegally bred puppy than you think. Puppy farmers go to great lengths to deceive potential buyers, from renting fake houses to sell the puppies from, to producing counterfeit paperwork. But there are a number of signs you can spot which indicate that a puppy may have come from a puppy farm. So, if you’re thinking of buying a puppy, read this guide to ensure yours is a healthy animal from a happy home.


I thoroughly recommend GKG Vets. We started using them two years ago after moving into the area, and are very lucky to have found this practice and Stuart. Stuart and the team are professional and kind – very reassuring for our 2 rescue dogs and cat.

We’ve been to GKG vets for everything from routine health checks to life threatening emergencies, and they have been wonderful throughout.



Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung which can mean an increase in the number of emergencies we see, so be aware of these dangers in springtime….