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Prevent Heat Stress in Dogs

panting dog in car– Make sure your dog has access to clean water at all times, ideally a large bowl filled to the brim.

– Carry water and a bowl with you on all walks – whether to the park or around the block.

– On hot days, walk your dog during the cooler parts of the day, in the early morning and late evening

– Watch your pet for signs of over-heating, including heavy panting and loss of energy. If you recognise these signs when on a walk, stop, find a shady spot and give your dog water.

– Never leave your dog (or any pet) alone in a car, even with the windows open

– Make cooling tasty treats by making ice cubes with your dog’s favourite food inside or stuff a Kong and pop it in the freezer

– Be particularly careful with short nosed dogs such as bull breeds, boxers, pugs, older dogs, and those that are overweight.

– These dogs can get heatstroke simply by running around – keep a fan handy in the room that your flat nosed pet sleeps in to help with evaporation from all their panting!

Read more advice from the Blue Cross to keep your dogs cool in the summer heat


Had both boys castrated at Thatcham Branch , Brilliant service , Fantastic Recovery , Friendly staff Thank You

Both Sailed through it and are back fighting fit.



Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung which can mean an increase in the number of emergencies we see, so be aware of these dangers in springtime….