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Story kindly shared by Newbury Cat’s Protection

GKG Vets in Kingsclere asked us to take in a stray they had called Graham. He was microchipped but it wasn’t registered with any European database. Outside of Europe, Dubai, in Graham’s case, it becomes very difficult to trace the chip as no national database is kept.

A cattery in Dubai, contacted local veterinary surgeries to check their databases for us, but we couldn’t contact all the vet surgeries in Dubai 🙁

We spread the word around CP and luckily a member of staff, who had worked at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, contacted the Centre to check their database and lo and behold they had his details. He had entered the country legally in November 2017.

The owner was contacted by Heathrow and a very excited Emma called us amazed that Tommy had found his way to Newbury from Hook, where he had gone missing from, a month previously.

When Emma collected Tommy, we mentioned that he had been called Graham with us, Emma’s husband is called Graham!

cat at GKG Vets


Wow! Amazing story. He was such a lovely chatty (noisy????) little man. I’m so glad he’s back home



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