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labrador at GKG VetsCoffee has recently moved to her forever home. She has joined our Pet Health Plan and Weight Club.

She has already made a brilliant start losing 1.3kg in 2 weeks!

“So proud of her want to join her club to lose that much in 2 weeks!”

How to help your pet lose weight

Embracing healthy choices is a great way to combat pet obesity, and what better time to think about getting fit than spring?

To keep your pet at a healthy weight, practice the following fitness tips:

• Follow your pet’s recommended diet and portion sizes. Our vets and nurses are also happy to make recommendations to help you improve your pet’s diet.
• Avoid indulging him or her in treats. Instead, give verbal praise, interactive games, new toys, or affection.
• Daily exercise is essential for all animals. Keep your pet moving with at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity or interactive play each day. Bonus: it’s good for pet owners, too!
• Follow up with your pet’s annual check and vaccinations to assess weight, nutrition, and other important health care needs.
• Table scraps and other people food contributes to weight gain and puts our pets at increased risk for pancreatitis and other conditions.
• Learn how to spot weight gain in your pet and whether he or she is at a healthy weight.

Although it’s tempting to give in to those big, begging eyes, stick with providing your pet with a highly nutritious diet and consistent exercise.

This is the best recipe to give your pet a longer, healthier life.

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

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